FCA - UAE,Federal Customs Authority -United Arab Emirates

FCA - UAE,Federal Customs Authority -United Arab Emirates

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        Follow up transfer of amounts payable to GCC countries after final approval of clearing committee

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        Expected Time 30 days from receiving the final notice
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        Call Center 0097126979700
        Channels The Official Website and Mobile App
        2.3 Service Rating Service rating 2.3 from 222 users
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        Policies & Customs Affairs Department
        Service Description
        A Service through which local customs departments and GCC customs departments, through which the amounts are settled and guaranteed to be transferred, reviewed and corrected according to reports issued by the system.
        To Contact
        Auto Duty Transfer Section
        Target Audience
        Local customs administrations + Gulf Cooperation Council customs administrations
        Service Conditions

        Matching claims amounts to approved statements 

        Service Status
        Service Procedures
        1. Preparing Quarterly Statements of Accredited Amounts.
        2. Transfer of Claimed Amounts after Maqasa Operations.
        Service Channel
        Official website
        Service Places

        Official website  

        Customer Service Center
        ​Phone: 043119993
        Fax: 026735201 - 043930199
        ​P.O.Box: 35000 Abu Dhabi​​

        Service Documents
        - Meeting minutes of the committee for the settlement of transfer of customs duties
        - Statements of the transferable maturity number
        - Bank transfer notice
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