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FCA - UAE,Federal Customs Authority -United Arab Emirates

 Unified Customs Gateway

The unified customs window project, applied by the Federal Customs Authority in UAE in coordination with the ministries and the relevant institutions in the country, is considered to be a quantum leap particularly in the field of customs work and in the field of trade in general, all over the UAE and the region as a whole.

The project represents an important step toward the smart government initiative launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, vice president, Prime Minister and the ruler of Dubai, may Allah protect him. The project to be executed through smart phones to provide the opportunity for the merchants and beneficiaries to accomplish their job anytime and anywhere.

The project helps to achieve the strategic aims of the authority in the field of protection of the society safety, easing commerce and enhancing the cooperation with the outer world.

The project also aims at the speedy informing of the customs decisions to the concerned employees in the customs administration and developing the data base of the decisions related to the customs work. This allows the users to search for the circulars and authorizations any time ensuring results accuracy, not to mention classification of the circulars and authorizations issued from the different authorities in the countries related to import-export and the customs procedures. The matter that makes the search for them easy from the customs administrations.

The project, furthermore, participate in creating and developing a data base for all the circulars and authorizations issued from the relevant authorities. The followed system in the project is characterized by the easiness of registering the customs circulars both in English and Arabic in addition to the automation of accessing the circulars and linking them to the short text messages system.

The unified customs window project consists of two main systems: the circulars system and the authorization system.

The Circulars system includes customs correspondence automation correspondence issued from the relevant authorities to generalize it on the customs administration in the country which are related to the prohibited and restricted substances, which are subject to specific customs procedures.

While the authorization system is a system for managing the permissions of import and export issued from the relevant authorities. It also provides immediate feedback about the imported and exported cargos which require import or export permissions.

The First stage of the unified customs window system includes coordination in order to share the system with the ministries of Enviroment,water,Health, Foreign Affairs and interior and the authorities of communication organization, nuclear censorship and UAE for specifications and standards and civil aviation and the national council for media.

While the second stage of the project includes communicating with the rest of the authorities to determine ways of coordination of the customs authorization system and also the authorities that wishes to benefit from the merchant data base.

In this respect, the Federal Customs Authority commends the efforts provided by the governmental authorities, local customs administration in the various stages of the project. As these efforts reflects the team spirit and the desire of the different authorities to upgrade the customs work in the country to the highest international level.