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This page describes the main components of the Federal Customs Authority (FCA) website and how to use the various sections of the website.
To facilitate the access to the services, they were divided into four main categories as follows:
Governmental sector
Private sector
FCA’s Terminology
This page contains the customs concepts, abbreviations and terms contained in the website.
They include links to the electronic programs and systems provided by FCA to the customers, in terms of each service related to its own e-system, for example: The clearance e-system is linked to the customs clearance service.
Customs Ports Map
It is the map of the United Arab Emirates including all the customs centers in the state, along with its type whether; land port, airport or sea port.
This section includes questions related to the following:
Role of the FCA
Customs Laws & Regulations
Customs Procedures applicable in UAE
Open Data
This section includes a number of files for several data and information related to the FCA in various fields. This information are available in open data enabling the user to access the information in a smooth and transparent way, as they are available in PDF and excel.
Search & Advanced Search
The Search feature is another way to help you access the information you need. You may write the term you are searching in the search cell at the top of the page.
Job Opportunities
This section includes vacant job opportunities at the FCA.
Accessibility to the Website
To facilitate the accessibility to the information and services in the website which contains a number of features which might help users, mainly people with special needs, to reach the information or service in a smooth fast way.