FCA - UAE,Federal Customs Authority -United Arab Emirates

FCA - UAE,Federal Customs Authority -United Arab Emirates

FCA has Signed Agreement and MOU with Abu Dhabi and Dubai Customs
The Federal Customs Authority signed an agreement and memorandum of understanding with the General Customs Authority – Abu Dhabi and Dubai Customs under the framework of implementing common customs system in customs administrations and borders in the UAE.

H.E. Mohamed Juma Buosaiba, Authority Director General, H.E. Rashid Lahej Al Mansouri, Director General, General Customs Authority - Abu Dhabi and H.E. Ahmed Mahboub Musabeh, Director General, Dubai Customs signed the agreement and memorandum of understanding in presence of H.E. Ahmed Abdulla Bin Lahej, Managing Director of Customs Affairs Sector, Ahmed Abdulla Al Keili, Office Manager of H.E. Customers Commissioner and Authority Chairman, Mubarak Al Mansouri, Managing Director of Customs Operations Sector, Salim Al Rumaith, Managing Director of Technical Affairs, Abu Dhabi Customs, Jumaa Al Ghaith, Managing Director of Customs Development Sector and Abdulla Al Khaja, Managing Director of Customs Management Sector, Dubai Customs.

The signed agreement with Abu Dhabi Customs provides for implementing "Mersal" system and its updates as electronic Customs system in the emirate of Abu Dhabi under the supervision of the Authority in the context of state wide implementation of common customs system, while the memorandum of understanding signed with Dubai Customs provides for utilizing and implementing the customs system implemented in the Department (Mersal) as common system to be rolled out all across customs administrations in the state.

On this occasion, H.E. Ali Saeed Matar Al Neyadi, Customs Commissioner and FCA Chairman said implementing common electronic system across the state denotes civilized quantum pace on customs journey within the country devised from wise leadership directives under honorable sponsorship of H.H. Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs.

His Excellency asserted that implementing common customs electronic system contributes to reinforcing customs control and integrity, promoting customs administrations capacities in instantaneous information and data which bolsters the capacities of Authority and local administrations to mange borders in harmonious manner.

He added that the agreement executed with Abu Dhabi customs aims at implementing "Mersal" electronic system, applicable at Dubai Customs and its updates as common customs electronic system all over state which will be implemented at Abu Dhabi Customs to succeed current (Dhabi) system un Authority supervision and in the context of its plan to unify systems all over customs administration in the state.

"The memorandum of understanding signed with Dubai Customs aims at implementing "Mirsal" customs system as common system in all customs administrations in UAE to augment trade facilitation and achieve Emirates government strategy national goals and national agenda". He added.

His Excellency pointed out that "Mirsal" customs system and updates has been selected as common system to be rolled out across the state based on technical benchmarking outcomes over applied customs systems across the state and applied systems worldwide.

His Excellency noted that studies confirmed "Mersal" system distinction in numerous customs pillars in technical and technological perspectives including customs policies, laws and procedures as well as trade statistics, accounts and traders management, cooperation with partners from customs administration and private sector, clearance and risk management, revenue, control and exchanging information and data.

H.E. Customs Commissioner and Authority Chairman appraised the elite standard of performance and advancement of local customs administrations in customs pillars in general and clearance and risk management in particular, He emphasized Emirates customs turned into global model in customs development and planning thanks to forward outlook and constructive innovations and ideas developed by local customs administration on the light of the prudent leadership directives and insights.

His Excellency appreciated the working team in the Authority and local customs administration for their endeavors exerted to achieve this historical pace, implementing state wide common customs electronic system, pointing at the level of collaboration rendered by local customs administrations in this regard which emphasizes sincere willing to promote customs activities, raising national perception, assuming responsibility by customs sector taskforce within state.

H.E. Rashid Lahej Al Mansouri, Director General, General Customs Authority, on his part declared: "Signing the memorandum of understanding with the Federal Customs Authority reflects General Customs Authority commitment towards Abu Dhabi Government Strategy in reinforcing exerted endeavors to strengthen mutual cooperation and constructive solidarity among government entities to bolster customs scheme and promote government performance standards which positively impact maintaining society security, facilitating legal trade across borders and contributing to enhance UAE economic prosperity.

"The memorandum of understanding executed with the Authority incorporates facilitating customs procedures, exchange of information and data among Abu Dhabi affiliated customs zones, integrating them to common system with other customs zones in other local customs administrations organized by the Authority through developing unified mechanism bolstering electronic precise exchange of information so that customs employees and clearing agents will be able to carry on customs procedures readily and simply as well as shrinking clearing time and developing the operations of import, expert and re-export in all state zones". Al Mansouri added.

On his part, H.E. Ahmed Mahboub Musabeh, Director General, Dubai Customs, demonstrated his appreciation to the role played by the Federal Customs Authority in developing customs all over the country and its efforts seeking unifying customs procedures in borders zones.

H.E. asserted positive outcomes of common customs electronic system implementation pointing out that such significant step will contribute to speed up goods and travelers movements and developing customs risk management approach to facilitate competent authorities taking proper decision on federal and local level in timely manner.

He indicated that the directives of wise leadership in Emirates are the trigger of the achievements attained by customs sector in the state and adopting integrated smart customs services approach that ha been appraised by WCO recently. He noted that implementing common customs electronic system paves the road to new era or technological development and automation of customs clearance procedures towards reinforcing Emirates foreign trade.

Notable to say that the honorable Cabinet consented, last June, implementing common customs electronic system in all customs administrations in state and their affiliated zones under the supervision of the Federal Customs Authority.​