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1.6 Trillion Dirhams Total Trade Volume of General Non – Oil Trade 2016

UAE Non-oil trade continues its growth demonstration in 2016 comparing to 2015 to reach 1.6 Trillion dirham’s, overcoming all negative effects of the challenges that resulted from the slowdown of international trade  movement and  Retreat of international economic growth rates ,  in addition to the negative effects of security disorders in the region.

The Non –oil foreign trade  achieved 1% growth during 2016, comparing to the previous year, the thing that indicates the continuity of growth  and economic development of the country despite the Commercial and economic challenges  witnessed in the aforesaid year .

Statistical Data of FCA revealed an increase of  Non-oil  general trade volume (direct trade and free zones) during 2016 comparing  with previous year, from1.556 billion AED in 2015 to 1.564 billion AED in 2016.

H.H the commissioner the chairman of  FCA  said that the primary statistics of U.A.E General  Non-Oil Trade volume in 2016, is regarded as important economic indicators of the national economy wellbeing and the increase of competitiveness of national products in the world markets, and reflects the success of the wise leadership in transforming the economic diversification policy to a tangible reality, Resulted in several positive consequences on markets activity and the ability of the comparativeness of national products.

H.H added : foreign trade volume and the wide patch of trade partners reflects the importance of U.A.E as a trade gateway  in the area and the world, pointing out to the contribution of the services of logistics & infrastructural  in telecommunication , land ,see and air transportation and trade, in addition to service provided by Financial sector and facilitated procedures in all ports which contribute to develop trade movement during last few years.

Ali Al Kabbai  stated that the main feature of growth curve of the non-oil foreign trade is the growing with balanced rates that reflects  presence of vision, methodology and successful and sustainable policies applied to achieve this growth.

The statistics data shows that the U.A.E imports value grows in narrow limits not exceeding 2% during 2016.as import value 969 billion AED .against 952.3 billion in the previous year . While exports grow by 5% and reaches 195 billion against 185.4 in the last year and re-exports reaches 400.4billion .

The Non-oil total foreign trade weight amount reached  around 232.7 billion  . 101.3 billion tons of which is import weight and 112.9 billion tons exports weight and 18.6 billion ton reexports weight .

H.H Ali Alkaabi  pointed out that the slowdown of import growth beside increase of  export growth with a high rate, indicates the gradual improvement in U.A.E  trade balance with world countries during this year, U.A.E exports growth  revealed  the high level of the competitiveness of the national industries in the  world market and the increase of confidence in this industries externally  .

Trading partners:

H.H mentioned that the U.A.E  partners trade map  doesn’t show any change in the ranking  of geographic regions .the stability of partners’ structure reflects the strong commercial relations of U.A.E  and its position as  a main  component of the world trade map.

FCA stated that the structure of trade partners’ as geographic region remain stable during 2016.

Asia & Pacific   region comes at the top of the trade partners in the Non –oil foreign trade . its  total trade reached 624.7 AED with 42% from the total trade volume. Europe region  follows with 339.6  billion with 23%  of the total .then North Africa and Middle East with 275.5 billion with 19%, then America & Caribeans  with 147 billion and 10%. In the fifth rank Came East &South Africa region with share 47.4 billion & 3.2%. Finally  came West and Central Africa region with 45.5 billion and 3.1% of the total Non –oil trade volume.

H.H. Al Kaabi then  praised the efforts of all workers of all customs departments, exits and ports in customs inspection, dispatches release and clearance time reduction to approach international rates . pointing out that release of many dispatches takes only few minutes because of the developed methods of inspection & examination adopted in local customs departments.

GCC Countries :

H.H Ali Al Kaabi said that G.C.C countries considered as one of commercial partners of U.A.E , their share during 2016 increased to 11% of total trade volume.

In this regard , FCA statistic data revealed an increment in the value of non-oil general trade with GCC countries to reach 166.7 Billion Aed in 2016. Saudi Arabia ranked first of GCC countries with trade volume 71.6 billion Aed and 43%, next came Oman with value of 31.9 billion and 19% . then Kuwait with 25.8 and 15% , Qatar with value of 21.3 and 13%. Finally Bahrain with 10% share equals 16 billion Aed.

H.H. Ali Al Kaabi stated that the advanced position of Arab Countries in the map of UAE Non-oil foreign trade , pointing to the big share of Arab Countries which reached 18% of total volume of  Non- oil general trade. Arab countries represent the main destination of UAE Exports & Reexports.

FCA data showed that trade with Arab Countries reached 281.2 billion Aed ,by the end of 2016. Out of which 87.7 billion is imports & 63 billion is exports , while reexports amounted to 130.5 billion Aed.

Top Commodities:

As regarding top commodities dealt with during 2016, FCA primary data shows that Manufactured and Semi manufactured  Gold  ranked  first of the top commodities imported during 2016, with value of 124.4 rated 15% , then Phone Cells with value of 89 rated 10% , then Cars with value of 51.2 rated 6% , Diamond with value of 47.9 rated 5.6% , and Petroleum Oils with value of 33.2 rated 4% of total imports value.

As Non oil exports data, Raw Gold occupied the first rank among top exported commodities with value of 57.2 and 29% of total export value, then Jewelry and Precious Metals with value of 19.1 and 10% , then Raw aluminum with value 16.5 billion and 8% ,Pollymers of Ethane  with value of 12 billion and 6% , Cigarettes exports reached 9.4 with rate 5% of total volume of exports.

Phone Cells came at the top of re-exportd commodities during 2016, valued 61.7 and rate of 15% of the total re-export value, then came diamond with 49 billion value and 12% rate, jewelry and precious metals valued 27.4 and rated 6.9% of the total, then cars by 6.5% and value of 26.1 . then raw  and Semi manufactured  with value of 16.4 and 4% of the total re-export value.